Follow the flower path to find the indigo crystal stone you will find yours in the grotto, where you must go alone..

blue crystal lotus

She goes back to wait for him at the Wisteria covered treehouse sitting upon an uprooted tree branch made into a chair at the base of a giant pine. She calls out to him hoping he can hear her from across the calm clear pool, “Hornbuckle! You must follow the path of the Blue Angel Morning Glory as they fold to sleep they will lead you to the indigo crystal in the mountain dark and deep.”
Hornbuckle follows the blue flowers as they all close to the other side of the pond making his way under a waterfall cascading over the rocks above him. He follows through a small cave inside the mountain. In the distance he sees the dancing blue glow reflecting from the water on the rock walls all around him. As he approaches the clear turquoise water he sees the indigo crystal shining before him wedged into a rock alter at the edge of the pool. He reaches in the shallow water to pull out the gleaming crystal then carefully places it in his basket as he makes his way back to find Honeysuckle. The sun begins to fade on the horizon as the clouds turn bright pink against the dark purple sky.

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