Here in the fairy ring every Spring we celebrate the wed-binding of our lovely queen and king!

Camellias owl & lord

Hornbuckle picks up a non-lit white candle from the nearby table top. Honeysuckle hands Camellia the pink candle and hands the purple candle to Obsidian at the same time. Hornbuckle holds the white candle up in the middle of them, “The moon is Obsidian Jasperstone that makes Weeping Willow Hollow his home; the Sun is the lovely lady of the light from the lush land of Luneria a most beautiful sight. May you both be the twin flame of each other’s souls eternal past of the hourglass sifting sand where your love shall infinitely last.”
Obsidian and Camellia use their separate candles to put the two flames together making a bigger flame that lights the white candle Hornbuckle is holding. The white candle ignites; the couple takes the white candle and exchanges the other two with the flushing faun as he blows them out. The wed-binding couple holds the one lit candle together with their left hands.
“May this one flame represent the twin flames of you two coming together to unite both of you,” Hornbuckle closes his eyes and nods his head.
Camellia and Obsidian recite the ancient ceremony as they continue to look at each other lovingly, “Rays of rainbows firing into a spiraling symphony of supernatural stardust send comets crisscrossing the cosmos in light flares that brightly bust as we are connected to the source we are protected by the force, the multiverse is just. The moon reflects the sun’s rays contrasting the fire of desire that is endless and everlasting.”
Honeysuckle takes the white candle away, blows it out and places it with the broom, scarf, baskets and other candles on the mushroom table top.

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