Hornbuckle the faun of sweet serenity meets with the wise owl of tranquility.

Hornbuckles owl

Fireflies form a bright spotlight into the center of the fairy ring as Hornbuckle jumps out making an announcement, “Welcome ladybirds, gentlebugs and all blessed beasts of Pansflorawood Glen! We are proud to present the Birds of Paradise here for an extravaganza to begin! They have come to perform this night about the desires and dishonors of men! We are the creatures of the night who guard and guide you towards the light. For every year in this meadow here we shall celebrate this wed-binding of our queen and king to unite all us all together inside this fairy ring. To gather among these toadstools to play music, dance, and sing! On this October eve in this sacred space where the forest leaf decays we shall crown our queen in flowers of fragrant leis so our king can parade her around on the back of one of his Blue Jays!”



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