In this sacred circle we join in celebration a union of hearts in jolly jubilation!

Camellia and obsidians ceremony

A Nature Nymph dressed in a Water Lily dress hands Hornbuckle two silver chalices who then in turn hands one to Camellia and one to Obsidian. The lord and lady interlock arms holding each chalice up while smiling at each other. The full moon is directly above them in the sky illuminating the fairy ring in pale blue light.
Hornbuckle looks Obsidian and Camellia and says, “Here is the magical Elderberry Wine to drink together as your hearts intertwine and your minds wed-bind. With this magical silver chalice may you unite his castle and her palace; where you both shall rule together with all animals, bees, bugs and birds of a feather.”
Obsidian and Camellia drink from their chalices at the same time as they swallow the sweet burgundy nectar, “Endurance like water brings us strength and comfort to cleanse as the psychic subconscious of our intuition blends. We are lovers as well as best friends, feeling our love in a lifetime will never end. We will have many children Cherub Angels appear to celebrate the seasons by cycle of the year. We shall live our lives without any regret like the clouds that drop rain where dewdrops are set.”

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