Musical lyric mixed with fine art puts us in rhythem to follow our heart.

A true love

Hornbuckle receives a broom by a Wood Witch as Honeysuckle gets handed a sparkling silver scarf by an Earth Elemental. Together both approaching the King and Queen who reach for the broom to hold in unison. Hornbuckle ties the scarf around the hands of Obsidian and Camellia as they each clutch the broom with their left hands. He looks at them both with a happy go lucky grin, “Let this broom be a symbol to become one like our Mother Earth on its axis is spun as she gives birth. Her divine grace is a promise to perform the protection for each other come rain, wind, snow, or storm. Do you Obsidian Jasperstone take Camellia Rosetree as your own to share your life, heart and home?” Hornbuckle asks as he looked over at the dark Elfin Lord.
Camellia and Obsidian gaze at each other while saying together, “With this broom our love shall bloom as I focus my mind’s eye to guard, guide, protect and instruct you as the time goes by.”
Obsidian looks deep into Camellia’s golden eyes and says to her, “I bind you to be mine from now until the end of time.”

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