We shall unite the lady of the light with the lord of the night under sunset of violet twilight.


Hornbuckle grabs the grapevine basket as Honeysuckle grabs her Wisteria one. Hornbuckle and Honeysuckle reach into their nature made decorated baskets and pull out the geometric crystals that glitter in the firefly light. Honeysuckle hands the pink one to Camellia as she cups it with both hands as Hornbuckle hands the indigo one to Obsidian who cups his with both hands. Holding the colorful crystals up toward the moonlight and twinkling stars, still staring at each other as the crystals fire prisms of brilliant rainbows in every direction. Hornbuckle looks up towards the Milky Way and lifts up both arms, “These healing crystals hold the universal laws in place, brought here long ago by the star sisters of space.The secret mystery of ancient history connects Lady Camellia and Lord Obsidian into the divine plan. Father Sky shall kiss the sea, as it is, as it was, as it always shall be an enigma of eternity. Your internal universe into the external multiverse will connect and protect you through as you vow to keep your souls pure and true devoted only to each other. This is what you promise to do?”
Camellia hands her pink crystal to Obsidian as he hands her his indigo one. They gaze into each others eyes again and recite the words in unison, touching the sacred stones together. “Our hearts, souls and minds intertwine as we fuse with the divine uniting to wed-bind you shall be mine from now until the end of time. A magical spell winding here under the starlit sky to guard, guide and protect one another as the time goes by. Here in the enchanted garden of Pansflorawood Glen, energy flows where attention goes our beginning shall now begin.”


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