Honeysuckle the Butterfly fairy danced with the Snapdragonfly and made merry

Honeysuckle 131

Honeysuckle flies off from the glowing mushroom and encircles Hornbuckle as she makes her way beside him on the soft grass. “You will find blooming Jasmine in the night under snowdrop lantern light sensually enhancing the fragrant smell that guides our way, anytime of day to the moonstone wishing well. An entrance to a Mother of Pearl palace that the King and Queen both share surrounded by stately stables for unicorns, Pegasus, and white mare. You will find them kissing on a honeybee hive or dancing together midair in her flowing gossamer gown barely there. We shall lay her down to sleep in a flower bed of roses red with soft petal pillows to lay her head. As she sleeps in her cobweb cocoon surrounded by fragrant flowers for their honeymoon. When her beloved comes to join her, a soprano song we’ll sing to welcome the Elven lord, our own Obsidian king!”  She begins Spinning around with her arms outstretched sparkling in a spiral up into the air.


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