Under the full Harvest moon once born a bud of Belladonna bloom

belladonna brew #3

Magnolia grabs the tea kettle with the mortar and pestle as she motions at Merlot to follow her outside. Merlot grabs the two gourds with the red ribbons following Magnolia out of the club to stand with her under the starlit sky. Merlot places the two gourds on another table surrounded by a fragrant herb garden. In the darkness she lifts up both her wings toward the moon closing her eyes as she recites the incantation. “Beautiful Belladonna flower that grows only in the midnight hour; Tonight you are the perfect host, a potent, poison, potion invisible as a ghost. From the old world of folklore and fable, may you be served upon each table with witchcraft, wort cunning, and werewolfery, each bird will drink your magic to be their destiny. I mix all seeds, buds, root, and bark in with the Cherry Berry Wine to be drunk in the dark. With this Nightmare Nightshade to become Belladonna Brew we’ve made. We will make a toast together, with all birds of a feather. To capture Ember, Sage, Rune, Fifi, Onyx, Peony, and Lazuli next, for at the stroke of midnight all the birds will be hexed!” Magnolia mixes her poisonous potion from the kettle in with the Cherry Wine into one gourd, then the other. She grabs one gourd with each wing as she holds them up once more to the moon and chants out loud, “With the full moons influence to mix it well, now intensifies the nightmare spell!”

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